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Sidebar Modern Benching & Desk Systems

At its core, Bridges focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and its expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions – it can even be integrated with system furniture

Sidebar Typical SBR501Sidebar Typical SBR501
Sidebar Typical SBR502Sidebar Typical SBR502
Sidebar Typical SBR503Sidebar Typical SBR503
Sidebar Typical SBR504Sidebar Typical SBR504
Sidebar Typical SBR505Sidebar Typical SBR505
Sidebar Typical SBR506Sidebar Typical SBR506
Sidebar Typical SBR507Sidebar Typical SBR507
Sidebar Typical SBR508Sidebar Typical SBR508
Sidebar Typical SBR509Sidebar Typical SBR509
Sidebar Typical SBR510Sidebar Typical SBR510
Sidebar Typical SBR511Sidebar Typical SBR511
Sidebar Typical SBR512Sidebar Typical SBR512
Sidebar Typical SBR513Sidebar Typical SBR513
Sidebar Typical SBR514Sidebar Typical SBR514
Sidebar Typical SBR515Sidebar Typical SBR515
Sidebar Typical SBR516Sidebar Typical SBR516
Sidebar Typical SBR517Sidebar Typical SBR517
Sidebar Typical SBR518Sidebar Typical SBR518
Sidebar Typical SBR519LSidebar Typical SBR519L
Sidebar Typical SBR519RSidebar Typical SBR519R
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SideBar is a modern benching and desk system that efficiently supports diverse work styles and workplace environments. Shared workspaces can be individualized with multi-functional storage components. 

  • SideBar accommodates any work style, including benching, private and semi-private ­applications within an open office environment.  
  • Varying levels of bench dividers and storage heights create unique visual planes ­within the workspace, providing a break from monotonous “cube farms”. 
  • A slim design power and data trough allow easy open access to duplexes and data plates. Easily reach power and data through center cutouts in the work surface, or add surface-mounted power/data modules for desk-height access.





Global will repair or replace, at Global’s option, as the sole remedy for any defect covered by the warranty. The warranty applies to products manufactured after January 1, 2011.

Files, Desks, Modular Furniture, Tables, Panels & Accessories Warranty Summary

Product TypeComponents Warranty For Original PurchaserExceptions
Metal Storage and FilingLifetimeNone
Laminate/Wood Veneer Desks and Modular FurnitureLifetimeTackboard Textiles , Electrical Devices,Task Lights – 5 Years
Boardroom, Conference and Training TablesLifetimeElectrical Devices – 5 Years
PanelsLifetimePanel Textiles, Electrical Devices, Task Lights – 5 Years
Coat Racks and Lecterns5 YearsNone
Folding Tables (Laminate & Molded)1 YearNone








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