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Collaborative Office Interiors is the only office furniture dealership in Houston championing that big things come from companies on the move.

COI exists to support open-minded and future looking leaders with the workspace environment they need at a price that makes sense so that they can create the office space they need to bring their growing business to the next level. 

Whether it’s office furniture for 100 or 10,000, we are engaged in your success.  

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Office Design Evolution

As we worked in the office furniture space, it became clear that in order for companies to attract and retain top talent in a shrinking talent pool, the new younger workforce had to be considered. With that, Millenials and Generation Z have workspace needs that create opportunities and challenges. 

New Workforce Demand has grown for:

  • A variety of workspaces to match their work styles.
  • Seamless technology and wireless everything.
  • Active work alternatives to sitting all day.
  • An abundance of writable surfaces.
  • Configurable spaces that can adapt to specific needs.

Keeping up with office innovations may seem daunting, but never fear, we are your resource for all things Millenial and Modern. Our blog focuses on how to meet these office space needs, as well as changes in workforce demand and office space design.

Our passion revolves around helping you navigate the new office design trends and embrace the possibilities for future prosperity.

Our Process

Step 1

Let’s Talk!

We’ll meet. You’ll talk and we’ll listen, gathering all the important details of your vision.  

Step 2

Visit Our Office Showroom/Catalog 

If ideas are in short supply, visit our Houston showroom or check out our online catalog for inspiration.

Step 3


After careful selection, we’ll present 3 options: Good, Better, Best. It gives you the power to choose exactly what you want at the budget you need.  

Step 4


Don’t worry! We’ve done this a few thousand times. After making arrangements our professional installers will get to work and soon you’ll do the same in your new office space.  

How To Find Us.

We've created a showroom with design in mind. Visit us today for inspiration.

8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77046

ph 713-587-6028 

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