Expert Office Space Planning

Collaborative Office Interiors (COI) is here to help you with your office space planning goals.

Whichever route you take, the end result will enhance the productivity of your organization and improve employee satisfaction along with your bottom line.

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Leverage Our Expertise

COI understands that designing an office space can be an overwhelming task. But you can rest assured, our space planning experts focus on the work space, layout, flow and your overall goals, leaving you time to focus on your business. We  evaluate your office space to determine the optimal office furniture products. Then, our space planning and design professionals get to work creating a layoutand design that fosters collaboration, supports intelligent use of technology, encourages employee output and inspires growth.


We consider everything including your current and future plans, estimated churn rate, employee functions, obstacles…everything.

Within a short time, you’ll be given 2D and 3D photo-quality renderings for review.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your workspace consultant either in person or virtually to make any changes to the plan.

After any needed revisions, your 2D and 3D renderings will be presented along with your quote.

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Start Interior Design

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New Furniture Catalogue

Lease or Rent Furniture

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Demountable Walls

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Our Process

Step 1

Let’s Talk!

We’ll meet. You’ll talk and we’ll listen, gathering all the important details of your vision.  

Step 2

Visit Our Office Showroom/Catalog 

If ideas are in short supply, visit our Houston showroom or check out our online catalog for inspiration.

Step 3


After careful selection, we’ll present 3 options: Good, Better, Best. It gives you the power to choose exactly what you want at the budget you need.  

Step 4


Don’t worry! We’ve done this a few thousand times. After making arrangements our professional installers will get to work and soon you’ll do the same in your new office space.  

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