Islands Contemporary Wood Guest Chair

Affordable. Comfortable. Inviting. Islands chairs feature contemporary curved lines and the beauty of solid wood. Keep this amazing chair in your home office or formal work station to encourage creativity.


Armchair, Upholstered Back (4075)Armchair, Upholstered Back (4075)
Armchair, Wood Back (4076)Armchair, Wood Back (4076)
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Islands contemporary wood guest chair seating highlights clean lines with the warmth of natural wood trim.

  • Choose from an upholstered back or a partially open wood back.
  • Available in fabric, vinyl and leather. When upholstered in leather, there are additional stitching details with a seam across the middle of the seat and back.
  • Frame available in a large selection of wood finishes.



Islands Brochure

Islands Brochure


Upholstery Options

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Armchair, Upholstered Back (4075): W24.5 x D23.5 x H32 IN.
Armchair, Wood Back (4076): W24.5 x D23.5 x H32 IN.

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