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Hybrid Post & Beam Panel Workstations

Welcome to the four corners of the office – Where form, function, fluidity and fresh thinking meet. Introducing a new perspective on the modern office.

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A place where one versatile square post and beam system creates a multitude of workstation options ­from productive open plans to tranquil private offices to dynamic meeting spaces to welcoming reception areas.

Post and beam is a workplace solution which performs across a wide spectrum of office environments including high and low workstation clusters, call centers, private offices, full height walls and reception areas. The architectural building blocks are easily planned within 3 planes and multiple angles. 

hybrid post and beam workstation configurations


Features – Hybrid consists of vertical posts and horizontal beams which support work surfaces, storage, space dividers, electrical and data/telecom services, and workstation accessories.

Planning Flexibility.

  • Posts are available in 4 or 8-channel configurations, and in round or oval profiles, which enables 90, 120 and 135 degree planning. Posts can be initially specified as continuous, segmented, or added later
    to stack onto existing posts.
  • Post heights are available
    at 29”, 36”, 42”, 49”, 67”, 84”, from floor to ceiling, or in custom heights.
  • Work surfaces and storage are attached to the columns’ continuous vertical channel which provides infinite height adjustment.

Power and Wire Management.

  • A wire channel or modesty panel connects every column enabling ample wire flow, cable management, and houses our harness linked 8 wire/3 or 4 circuit power system, and 1-4 data/telecom access ports.
  • Posts provide a conduit for power/data wire delivery from ceilings and floors.


  • Product can be disassembled into its simplest raw material components for re-processing.
  • Hybrid posts, beams, work surfaces, dividers and storage are all highly recyclable.

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