• Zoa's seductive curves invite you to sit and when you do, you'll see they are not all just for show. The Zoa is as comfortable as it is enticing.

  • Gorgeous legs meets luxurious tabletop finishes. It makes for a dramatic and harmonious merger.

  • TeamWorx offers a new way to design open floor plans, while also adding unique features for private offices. If you’re tired of the same old cubicles, you need to consider TeamWorx.

  • The Synapse benching system shows great design, flexibility and style can be had at a nominal price. With expertly thought-out details, we believe these workstations deserve your attention.

  • Clean, beautiful lines meet durable and practical surfaces. And they live happily ever after.

  • Mango acts as a magnet for mobile workers, whilst also providing sedentary workers with more choice and privacy on demand.

  • KINEX height-adjustable brings so many features to your open office making it one of the most popular bench desking systems available.

  • Hover is an effortless way to add standing-height choice and flexibility for your employees. Give employees an opportunity to choose how they work watch productivity soar.

  • Gesso is the backbone of a highly functional, adaptable and beautiful office space. With sit-to-stand features, Gesso hits all the marks.

  • We love the design and innovative functionality of this task chair! It will fit effortlessly in your modern office space--even the conference room. And, it comes in drafting height too.

  • Take a great table like Edge, add in a dash of colorful and functional accessories like privacy panels and storage and you've just created an exceptional work space for your number one resource.

  • A customized reception desk speaks volumes to all who enter your doors. For a unique and welcoming focal point custom designs deliver.

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