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Loftwall Counter Shield Acrylic Screens for Germ Protection

While your workplace has crafted mindful policies regarding cleanliness, protection, and social distance, you still need something solid. Space division has never been so needed. Now, more than ever, we need environments that  provide barriers for our healthcare professionals and their patients. Create the barriers required to keep your employees safe, without lost eye contact.

Fast Counter Protection

A transparent refuge from distraction and germs. Maintain the cleanliness of your desk, counter or bench area with clear shielding that fully encloses the desk or workstation. While providing privacy and giving focus to workers, the Desk Shield is designed to also help protect your health while you need to work. With a strong aluminum frame along the sides and area in front of you, you can maintain clear communication while maintaining social distance.

  • Can anchor to a surface or be free standing. Multiple screens can be linked together.
  • Aluminum frame is made from 75% recycled content.(Basic and Wrap)
  • Easy to assemble and clean.  Use healthcare-grade cleaners without damaging the finish or affecting the panels.
  • Panel options meet indoor air quality standards.

Side by side illustrations of Loftwall's line of Counter Shield model screens.

Loftwall Counter Shields are available in four models…

Classic – Small: 36” W x 28” H x 6″ D ; Large: 63” W x 28” H x 6″ D
Wrap  – Small: 32” W x 28” H x 13” D ; Large: 59” W x 28” H x 13” D
Basic – Small: 32” W x 28” H x 6″ D ; Large: 59” W x 28” H x 6″ D
Lite – Small: 24” W x 24” H x 10″ D ; Large: 48” W x 24” H x 10″ D
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