Partitions & Soundproofing

Partitions & Soundproofing

Architects and designers require form and function in all projects. There must be a balance of both to make the project a success. Using an array of materials, such as glass and metal, we are experienced in all custom office needs. Collaborative Office Interiors’ architectural walls deliver on all fronts.


  • Laminate panels with panel reveals

  • Back-painted glass markerboards
  • Sliding or Swing door office fronts

  • Narrow footprint of sidelights and glass partitions for a modern aesthetic


  • Easily qualify for LEED credits

  • 100% reuse provides end-users with options that go beyond their original wall configuration
  • Adjustability that simplifies the construction process and future reconfigurations

  • Need extreme customization? We buildout our movable wall systems to fit seamlessly into your build and design

movable glass office walls

See Our Architectural Products

Airbloom Acoustic Panels for Workstations and Open Planning, Wall or Hanging Screens for Privacy


Aircone Sound Panels, Open Office and Shared Workspace Acoustic Solutions


Airflake Suspended Screens and Acoustic Panels, Space Dividers for the Open Office Plan


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Airleaf Suspended or Wall Panel, Hanging Wall Screen with Cascade Design


Bower Acoustic Privacy Paneling, Workspace and Office Screen with Privacy Friendly Acoustics


DB Acoustic Partition Walls, Auditory Workstation Paneling for Open Office Planning


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Let us help you create the perfect office for your team!

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Let us help you create the perfect office for your team!