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Loover Ergonomic Mesh Conference Chair

This chair is easy on the eyes not to mention it has the right tilt-tension for every user! Airy mesh backing provides the user with breath ability so you can stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Black (BK)Black (BK)
Polished Aluminum (ALU)Polished Aluminum (ALU)
Arctic Blue (VU14)Arctic Blue (VU14)
Chartreuse (VU23)Chartreuse (VU23)
Chocolate Fountain (VU13)Chocolate Fountain (VU13)
Coal Black (VU19)Coal Black (VU19)
Desert Sand (VU11)Desert Sand (VU11)
Grain (VU40)Grain (VU40)
Hot Pink (VU65)Hot Pink (VU65)
Ivory (IVY)Ivory (IVY)
Lime (VU21)Lime (VU21)
Orange Sunset (VU12)Orange Sunset (VU12)
Paprika (VU37)Paprika (VU37)
Pool Blue (VU26)Pool Blue (VU26)
Quarry Grey (VU15)Quarry Grey (VU15)
Sandy Beach (VU10)Sandy Beach (VU10)
White (VU20)White (VU20)
Allante Vinyl 1 Cinnamon (A22E)Allante Vinyl 1 Cinnamon (A22E)
Allante Vinyl 1 Galaxy (A13E)Allante Vinyl 1 Galaxy (A13E)
Allante Vinyl 1 Teak (A24E)Allante Vinyl 1 Teak (A24E)
Allante Vinyl 2 Ash (A44E)Allante Vinyl 2 Ash (A44E)
Allante Vinyl 2 Bisque (A42E)Allante Vinyl 2 Bisque (A42E)
Allante Vinyl 2 Sea Oyster (A32E)Allante Vinyl 2 Sea Oyster (A32E)
Couture Champagne (CE70)Couture Champagne (CE70)
Crescent Cinder Grey (792)Crescent Cinder Grey (792)
Crescent Cocoa (700)Crescent Cocoa (700)
Crescent Raven (789)Crescent Raven (789)
Crescent Stem (706)Crescent Stem (706)
- +

The Loover Ergonomic Mesh Conference Chair provides support for each user with a supportive non-rigid lumbar. The lumbar and back are height adjustable so support is applied exactly where you need it. 

  • Mesh Back is available in wide selection of Vue mesh colors.
  • Loover seat can be fully upholstered in fabric or vinyl.
  • A live lumbar support is incorporated into the back design which is height adjustable via a concealed ratchet system.
  • Side-activated sliding seat depth adjustment is standard on Multi-Tilters and Synchro-Tilters.
  • G5 lockable arm caps are height, depth and width adjustable to suit user preference.
  • Five-legged, injection-molded, fiberglass reinforced, Nylon “Governor” base. Available in polished aluminum finish.
  • Loover is equipped with Global’s high-quality Soft Descent™ pneumatic lift which slowly and gently lowers the seat height of the chair making it easy to obtain the exact seat height desired.


Loover Brochure

Loover Brochure


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