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Evolve Private 4-Person Workspace in 2 Double Rows, Modular Cubicles with Shelving – EV511

Evolve Private 4-Person Workspace in 2 Double Rows, Modular Cubicles with Shelving

Furniture for today, flexibility for tomorrow. 

Evolve comes to you, ready for the future of work. Today’s workplaces are evolving along with the needs of the people who inhabit them. Spaces need to flex and adapt to support how, where and when people want to work. Tailored solutions shape one’s space, connect people, and support new ways of working. The backbone to building complete office landscapes, Evolve supports your needs now and tomorrow.

A combination of freestanding and panel mounted components can be used to add privacy, divide space and create a unique work space environment. Panels stack effortlessly and allow private (and semi-private) work spaces to be constructed.  No need to rely on existing walls, letting you tailor a solution that fits your needs. Integrate plug and play connectivity at the work surface using the ‘scoops’ to pass wires from desktop equipment to the primary base feed. A range of ergonomic work surfaces and practical storage options enable cost-effective planning. Interchangeable laminate and glass finish options can be used to achieve varying privacy, acoustical and aesthetic needs without needing to disassemble panels offsite.

  • Panel systems can be stacked and switched in 6″, 12″ & 24″ modules, for maximum flexibility and effortless reconfiguration and reuse. Private offices can be constructed without reliance on existing walls (from 30 inches up to 25 feet tall)
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with smart wire management.
  • Paneling encloses the worker with semi-privacy. 
  • Double pedestals available at your feet. Includes a lock core for each top drawer.
  • Evolve builds are ergonomically friendly and provide practical storage options.
  • Mineral fiber insulation is fire resistant, water repellent and will not support the growth of fungi or mildew.
  • Make these office workstations part of the company. Choose from the available paint and fabric colors. Mix and match from the available laminate colors.

Expand one’s space as necessary – This model is also offered as a 2 Pack, 6 Pack and an 8 Pack, for your floor plans.


Thumbnail of Evolve Systems Brochure – Global FurnitureThumbnail of Leed Environmental Profile, for our Evolve Systems products.

Sustainable always. Evolve supports wellness programs like LEED, WELL, GREENGUARD and LEVEL. Certified for low emissions for better indoor air quality, panels are manufactured from 82% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Evolve is durable and flexible, ensuring it remains relevant and out of landfill.

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