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Bridges II Benching

At its core, Bridges focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and its expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions – it can even be integrated with system furniture.

Absolute Acajou (ACJ)Absolute Acajou (ACJ)
Asian Night (ASN)Asian Night (ASN)
Avant Cherry (AWC)Avant Cherry (AWC)
Avant Honey (AWH)Avant Honey (AWH)
Black (BLK)Black (BLK)
Brushed Cobalt (BRC)Brushed Cobalt (BRC)
Constellation Java (CSJ)Constellation Java (CSJ)
Dark Espresso (DES)Dark Espresso (DES)
Hayden Grey (HGT)Hayden Grey (HGT)
Storm Grey (SOG)Storm Grey (SOG)
Tiger Fruitwood (TFW)Tiger Fruitwood (TFW)
Tiger Mahogany (TMA)Tiger Mahogany (TMA)
Tiger Maple (TMP)Tiger Maple (TMP)
Tiger Walnut (TWL)Tiger Walnut (TWL)
White (WHT)White (WHT)
White Chocolate (WHC)White Chocolate (WHC)
Willow Grey (WGY)Willow Grey (WGY)
Winter Cherry (WCR)Winter Cherry (WCR)
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Bridges II benching is an environment created for collaborative teamwork that facilitates the connection of people and ideas. Partitions between workstations allow for more independent work when required. Bridges II’s modular design allows you to easily expand your workspace. Bridges II is a platform which serves as a catalyst inviting people to engage and co-create.

Dedicated designers and engineers were tasked to develop an environment for collaborative teamwork which would facilitate the connection of people and ideas in a corporate setting. To design a platform which would serve as a catalyst inviting people to engage and co-create. Bridges is one of our most popular seating, benching and desking systems, and we believe that Global far exceeded that task.



Global will repair or replace, at Global’s option, as the sole remedy for any defect covered by the warranty. The warranty applies to products manufactured after January 1, 2011.

Files, Desks, Modular Furniture, Tables, Panels & Accessories Warranty Summary

Product TypeComponents Warranty For Original PurchaserExceptions
Metal Storage and FilingLifetimeNone
Laminate/Wood Veneer Desks and Modular FurnitureLifetimeTackboard Textiles , Electrical Devices,Task Lights – 5 Years
Boardroom, Conference and Training TablesLifetimeElectrical Devices – 5 Years
PanelsLifetimePanel Textiles, Electrical Devices, Task Lights – 5 Years
Coat Racks and Lecterns5 YearsNone
Folding Tables (Laminate & Molded)1 YearNone








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