Coworking Space Furniture

Coworking space furniture reaches beyond typical office furniture groupings to establish an environment that is inviting, comfortable, functional, and inspirational. Coworking spaces usually consist of an open-concept floor plan with a variety of work areas so that coworking members or staff can settle in and get to work the way that it makes the most sense to them.

collaborative office furnitureFor instance, typical coworking space furniture might consist of couches and coffee tables in one area, collaborative desks and benching in another, collaborative seating or acoustic seating in another, and a few private “huddle spaces” to facilitate meetings.

Lounge areas are important in coworking spaces as well. After all, innovation requires movement, and having a place to relax and reflect is just as important as the time you spend at your desk.

The origins of coworking

Coworking, by its very nature, is made for creatives. The concept evolved out of San Francisco when a coder by the name of Brad Neuberg was looking for a more satisfying way to work. As a freelancer, he enjoyed the freedom of working on his own without the constraints of a corporate agenda. However, he longed for the social interaction and energy of a busy workspace, which led to his disruptive idea – one that brought everything he wanted under one roof: freedom and independence along with structure and community.

In keeping with his open-source roots, he encouraged his early adopters to steal the idea and make it their own. Soon after, coworking offices started popping up in cities all over the world and the movement was officially in full swing.

Coworking spaces and coworking space furniture reflects today’s need for collaboration and community. Try our budget calculator, explore Houston’s most exciting collection of collaborative office furniture or to learn more, speak to the office design experts at Collaborative Office Interiors today.


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