Are Collaborative Office Desks Right For Your Houston Office?


open benching with white accents and light wood tops with apple green and white task chairsCollaborative office desks are becoming the norm in the modern Houston business. After years of study, we know how important collaboration is to your ongoing success. Collaborative office desks can open up the office space and your employee engagement. 


Open office design isn’t a new concept

Office design has changed significantly through the centuries. Dedicated offices were first introduced in Roman times, but the first office buildings did not come into being until the 18th century. At the time, office designers found that separate spaces were needed for introspective executive work, but for daily tasks, workers got more done working alongside their peers in a communal atmosphere. This type of office design, known as Taylorism, was designed to extract maximum productivity from the workforce – and maximum profits for the company.


Open-concept workspaces continued to be the norm in many industries right through to the 1970s. In the 80s, this dynamic changed and we saw the advent of cubicles. Made up of acoustic panels, these cubicles effectively separated workers from each other and while they offered a greater degree of privacy, they were widely panned as being one of the most depressing periods in office design.

The modern office: coming full circle

Today’s office, you might say, has come full circle. Modern businesses have returned to the open-office design as research continues to prove how important collaboration is to innovation and business success.


To encourage collaboration among your teams, supplying them with the right office furniture will support teamwork, promote innovation, and improve your employee’s feeling of wellbeing at work.


Modern benching systems establish a platform for innovation to thrive, providing sleek design and functionality that is second to none. For an open-design office, co-working environment, or for high-producing teams, Collaborative Office Interiors has collaborative office desks, benching, and panels in a range of styles, colors, and patterns to suit your brand’s style.

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